When Choosing a Cake

Nearly every cake design can be adapted to fit any size wedding /special event cake. Don’t let the number of servings determine the look or design of your cake. If the design of a certain cake does not fit the number of servings you will need, we will simply adjust it to fit the wedding/ special event cake size.

Many Brides want the look of a huge wedding/special event cake, but they really don’t need that many servings for their size reception. Certain cake designs, such as tiers set on columns, will give the illusion of a larger cake. Also, any cake design can be constructed using dummy cakes. This will give the illusion of a larger cake without increasing the serving sizes. The dummy cakes will be iced and decorated like the real cakes.

Tiered cake designs offer many different decorating possibilities and options for the bride. choosing the wedding cake has always been placed on the bride to handle, but our focus has been geared towards getting the groom more involved with selecting and designing the wedding cakes. We have a large selection of cakes that can be used as a grooms cake/ special event cake that the man of your dreams will absolutely love. With the many different cakes that we have displayed in our gallery you will have an idea of how the design process works as well as some different cake designs that will help you create a design that fits your wedding/event needs. You will see how tiered cakes can give you the wedding/ event cake of your dreams.

The top tier of the wedding cake is often saved for the first anniversary so, you will need to increase your servings for your guest. When alcohol will be served at your wedding/event you can chose to reduce the cake servings depending on how many of your guest will be able to mix sweets with alcohol.