Hi Lynette,

Thank you so much. The cake was a hit. Everyone kept saying not only is it beautiful but also delicious.  There was  enough for us to take some home to snack on over  the weekend.   People are still talking about the cake.  Mom put the hat on display at her seniors apartment.   We also took pictures and emailed them to those who could not attend the party. She has wrapped it in foil and plastic and put it in the freezer because she can’t bear to cut it as yet.  Several people asked for your business card and I have distributed  the ones you gave me.

I wish you all the success your talent deserves.



Lynette, now that things have finally calmed down since my fairytale wedding day, I have had the opportunity to preview your sight. It is absolutely amazing what you did for me, and what you continue to do. God has truly blessed you with a divine talent. My cake was breathtaking as well as delicious! As I looked at your pictures, I still can’t believe what an absolutely amazing creation you brought to reality for me. I came to you with thoughts on paper, and from that you made my cake an amazing reality.

I have no words to express my sincere gratitude for the creation of my dress. It is a reminder of joy, love, and heartfelt dedication from you! Thank you Lynette, for making my Fairytale a Reality!!!

It will be four years this year, since my wedding Day on July 21, 2007. In looking back at your photos, it seemed as if it was only yesterday.  I recommend you to everyone I know, and everyone who doesn’t use your talents and abilities has truly missed out on a miraculous blessing!!!

God bless you always Lynette, may you continue to grow and prosper in all that you do.


Mrs. Joyce J. Coleman




Hello My Friend,

Just had to stop by to say…..you are the bomb diggidy (smile).  Your work is

Absolutely gorgeous, creative, and a true master or should I say mistress piece… a

work of art!

Sending you love and lots of fun and finances as you do what you do best!

(keep smiling)

Love & Peace

you know who….

Lisa Hightower


Thanks Lynette…..you have been a blessing. Through your gift you have made all my endeavors extra special. Thank you for the times you have given countless and without fail….and I know I have kept you busy without fail….so thank you for ministering to me and others through this God given gift. May God continue to expand and bring increase in creativity, productivity and prosperity in your life and endeavors? Love ya PC


Pastor Carrie Brown

Canton, Ohio


“Completely Off the Chain Lynette, Girl, I hope you are in touch with the right people, for sure you can be the best.  I’m sure you’ve seen Colette Peters and some of the others; they can’t touch your work!  It is the best I’ve seen so far; you out weight the decorators in ATL so far…..”


Tanohoa Y. Turpin-Wheeler

“Thank you sooo much for making my beautiful cake..I was so sad it had to be cut lol I will never forget that cake ; )”

Melinda Gross

Canton, Ohio